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Twenty-eight (28) years ago, our cofounder, Joan Duncan, had a vision to create a financial institution that honours each person and provides opportunities for individuals to fulfil their financial goals and dreams. Her unique vision was grounded in her core beliefs that there is greatness in every human being; and in the power of unconditional love to release that greatness. It is those same beliefs that, to this day, still motivate the JMMB Group to honour each person and to have the best interest of all at heart. We invite you to join the JMMB family and experience love and realise the greatness within, as we help in the achievement of you and your family’s life goals. JMMB is an integrated financial services provider who is committed to showing heart-to-heart connections and providing genuine, caring relationships, as we proactively deliver personalised financial plans that offer access to our wide range of financial solutions, including banking and investments. We currently partner with 283,000 clients, and their families, and we also want to be your Financial Life Goals Partner, holding your hand and coaching you along the journey towards your goals. If you believe in love in action, then come, partner with us and experience our promise to you. Our Mission Everything we do at JMMB is, ultimately, to help everyone to experience love and to realise the greatness in themselves, their families and their communities. In serving our clients, our goal is to maximise client satisfaction through exceptional client care and world class financial expertise. Our core values of love, care, integrity, honesty and openness, are demonstrated in everything that we do and everything that we are. We are a dynamic, international, multi-faceted financial group of companies that has a caring, loving and fun environment where team members are happy, productive, creative and fulfilled. Our Vision of Love In the early years of our existence, JMMB team members were invited to co-create a statement that would describe the type of company that they wanted JMMB to be. After many hours of sharing and collaboration, the statement they created is known as JMMB’s Vision of Love. It continues to serve as a guide and a reminder of who we are. It is openly accessible to all team members and clients; and excerpts from the Vision of Love are read before the start of all internal meetings. We are happy to share it with you here. JMMB is seeking to create an organisational environment in which team players can achieve their full potential. Accordingly, the teams at JMMB are committed to a long-term ongoing process of holistic development that recognises the complete development of the individual. JMMB is, therefore, a medium through which individuals may have dreams for themselves; and can extend those dreams beyond the organisation into an infinite, prosperous and abundant society and universe. Each person is loving and respectful of each other, and represents an important link in a chain of LOVE serving each other, sharing ideas; building each other. Hence the JMMB vision is shared by all team players. The JMMB team is clear that the organisation is based on UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and MUTUAL RESPECT. This LOVE is expressed in ongoing day to day working relationships and performance. Unconditional love is expressed in every interaction and is the foundation upon which the organisation rests. Love motivates the JMMB team to serve our clients who are a very special part of our family. The driving force of the organisation is to provide opportunities for team players to expand their potential, to recognise the power within and their ability to fully express and manifest this power to the benefit of the individual, the organisation and the society. In the process, all individual and organisational goals are achieved.
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