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Central Bank of the Bahamas

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MISSION STATEMENT To foster an environment of monetary stability conducive to economic development, and to ensure a stable and sound financial system through the highest standards of integrity and leadership. VALUES Our commitment to fulfilling our Mission is embodied in our Core Values of: Objectivity Confidentiality Integrity Excellence Teamwork Empowerment Initiative VISION To promote a leading financial services industry within the framework of dynamic monetary policy developments, modernized payment systems, sound management strategies and capacity building. OUR STRATEGIC GOALS Goal 1: Effective Monetary Policy-Pursuing strategies to improve forward looking economic policy research and analysis through economic forecasting; to enhance the operational framework for implementing monetary policy; to broaden research and data publication and communication; and to strengthen the coordination between fiscal and monetary policy. Goal 2: Safety & Soundness of the Financial System-Pursuing strategies to sustain the integrity and effectiveness of the legal and supervisory regime; to ensure compliance with international standards; to strengthen the banking and trust sector; and to mitigate risk through crisis preparedness arrangements. Goal 3: Effective Contribution to Economic Policy Making-Conducting economic research as input to policy formulation, and participating in national advisory committees. Goal 4: Secure, Efficient and Modern Payments System-Implementing comprehensive oversight mechanisms, mitigation of risks, and ensuring the availability of enabling market infrastructure for delivery of services to the public. Goal 5: Prudent Foreign Exchange Management - Efficient management of external reserves and administration of exchange controls. Goal 6: Operational Efficency-Continuous enhancements to risk management processes in the areas of internal controls, human resource development and succession planning; implementation of robust information systems and business continuity arrangements and efficient facilities management.
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Central Bank of the Bahamas

P.O. Box N-4868, Nassau, N.P, Bahamas,

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