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Toledo Teachers Credit Union Ltd

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Toledo District
Toledo Teachers’ Credit Union is the brain child of Mr. Anthony Fuentes, then President of the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU), Toledo Rural Branch. Mr. Fuentes saw the need for improved financial services for teachers working in the remote villages, since they experienced difficulties as a result of having only one financial institution operating in Toledo District. Mr. Fuentes started to agitate for the establishment of a credit union in early 2000. He sensitized teachers on the importance of establishing a credit union primarily to meet the needs of teachers, but also to meet the needs of the wider community. Consequently, he invited Mr. Leopoldo Romero, veteran credit unionist and then employee of St. Francis Xavier Credit Union to give a presentation to the teachers of Toledo on the benefits and intricacies of a credit union. This presentation was held in September 2000. Teachers’ interest grew dramatically and they requested another presentation. The second presentation was held in October 2000 and at the end of the presentation the teachers unanimously agreed to form a steering committee that would lead the process of getting the credit union organized and formalized. The Steering Committee agreed to employ Mr. Leopoldo Romero as manager and on November 1, 2000 he started to work, but on a voluntary basis. Since there was no office or other infrastructure, Mr. Romero initially performed his duties out of the house of Mrs. Olga Garcia and his personal vehicle. On November 24, 2000, Mr. Romero and the Steering Committee held a membership drive at the Central Park in Punta Gorda Town. At the end of the day, 87 members had joined and contributed $7,887.50. With these funds the first bank account was opened at the Belize Bank, Punta Gorda Town. In December 2000, the Cooperative Department allowed the fledgling organization to operate from a small space within its Punta Gorda office. By the end of that month loans were being offered to members. Over the almost 18 years of existence, the Toledo Teachers’ Credit Union has made great strides. Starting with 87 members in 2000, it now has 8,500 members in March 2018 Its last audited financial statements for year ended March 2018 showed that total assets amounted to over 22 Million. The Toledo Teachers’ Credit Union continues to grow and provide quality financial services to its members and other stakeholders.

Trelawney Co-operative Credit Union Limited

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The Trelawny Co-operative Credit Union was registered , January 11, 1968. The Credit Union started at the Long Pond Sugar Estates as the Trelawny Estates Co-operative Credit Union Limited with only employees of Trelawny Estates being eligible for membership. On April 28, 1975 discussions were held and recommendation made to extend our bond to facilitate registration as a parish Credit Union. At General Meeting held November 18, 1975 the bond of the Trelawny Estates Co-operative Credit Union was opened to include all residents and employees in the Parish of Trelawny and the Credit Union was named The Trelawny Co-operative credit Union Limited. The Parish bond was registered on the 12th January 1976.

Tri-state Bank of Memphis

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Tri-State Bank of Memphis was founded in 1946 by the late Dr. J. E. Walker, and his son, the late A. Maceo Walker. They dreamed of a bank, which would constructively change community conditions. Led by the late Jesse H. Turner, the bank developed innovative financial and community service. MISSION STATEMENT The mission of Tri-State Bank of Memphis is to provide the communities we serve with financial solutions that transform them for the better.

Trinidad Stock Exchange

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Port of Spain
The Securities Market which informally existed in Trinidad & Tobago for well over twenty years prior to the opening of the Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchange really achieved significance in the early 1970's when Government decided as a matter of policy to localise the foreign owned commercial banking and manufacturing sectors of the economy. The thrust of the policy was to get such companies to divest and sell a majority of their shares to nationals. Two bodies chosen to effect this policy were the Capital Issues Committee which was set up by the Ministry of Finance in July 1970 to direct developments in the primary market and the Call Exchange (an association of share dealers) which was established under the umbrella of the Central Bank in August 1965 to monitor activities in the secondary market.