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Bahamas Law Enforcement Co-operative Credit Union

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On April 16th, 1985, the Royal Bahamas Police Force Co-operative Credit Union Limited became registered under the Department of Co-operative Development. It was fully established as a union on April 28th, 1985. By this time, more than one hundred and fifty (150) applications for membership were received. During the months (April-July 1985) leading up to the first AGM a Steering Committee was appointed to manage the affairs of the Credit Union. Ms. Ismella Davis managed the duties at the Nassau Office, while Mr. Clarence Russell was made responsible for the Grand Bahama District. In a presentation of the report from the steering committee at the first AGM, Ms. Davis reported that approximately $18,920.00 in payroll deductions had been received since April and membership totaled some two hundred and two (202) persons in New Providence and fifty-seven (57) persons in Grand Bahama. The first Annual General Meeting of the Police Credit Union was held in the auditorium of the Police College, Oakes Field. It was at this meeting that the first Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee were elected. The Directors were: Ms. Linda Williams, President; Mr. Clarence Russell, Vice President; Ms. Ismella Davis, Treasurer; Mr. David Cartwright (deceased), Member; Mr. Ulric Smith (deceased), Member; Mr. William Moss (deceased), Member and Irvin Taylor, Member. Members of the Supervisory Committee were: Mr. Reuben Smith, Mr. R. Cunningham, and Mr. Ellison Greenslade. Since that time, the Police Credit Union has experienced much growth. By the end of 1987, it recorded more than one million dollars ($1.0M) in assets with a membership base of almost eight hundred (800) persons. To accommodate this tremendous growth, the Credit Union was relocated from a cramped office on the third floor of the Administration Building to two small adjacent offices above the Police Computer Centre. By this time, the Credit Union had extended its bond to include Royal Bahamas. Defence Force Officers and Her Majesty's Prison Officers. Growth continued as evidenced in February 1994, when the Credit Union was again moved to a separate, more spacious, building just behind the Administration Building at Police Headquarters. By the middle of 1995, having further extended its bond to include spouses and children of members and civilian staff, the Credit Union recorded assets in excess of five million dollars ($5.0M) with more than one thousand four hundred (1400) members.

First Caribbean International Bank St. Vincent

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CIBC FirstCaribbean's knowledge of banking has been gained through a combined experience of almost 250 years in the Caribbean through our heritage organisations, Barclays PLC and CIBC. Both have the distinction of being the oldest banks in the Caribbean. They were a part of the development of the region since the days of salt cod and rum. Many changes have been made since then. Tourism is the new export, and West Indian businesses are now taking on the world. FirstCaribbean will be there to make that goal possible. FirstCaribbean was formed in 2002 with the merger of CIBC West Indies Holdings and Barclays Bank PLC Caribbean operations. In December 2006, CIBC acquired Barclays stake and became the majority shareholder in FirstCaribbean. On June 20, 2011 we proudly announced that we will be co-branded under the CIBC banner, adopting the branding CIBC FirstCaribbean. The addition of CIBC to the FirstCaribbean brand emphasizes CIBC’s long-term commitment to the Caribbean region, our employees and our clients. Our clients and our employees across the Caribbean will continue to benefit from the long-term investment that CIBC is making in the Caribbean – a history that dates back to our first branches opened in 1920. CIBC FirstCaribbean will continue to operate as a Caribbean-managed business within the CIBC group of companies, and trades as FirstCaribbean International Bank Limited on the stock exchanges of Barbados and Trinidad.

buh- Banque de l'Union Haitienne

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The Banque de Union Haïtienne SA (BUH) is the first private commercial bank established in the area for more than 40 years. It has created a recognized brand image for itself, exercising a real power of attraction on its employees and all of its 2,000 shareholders. The BUH offers a variety of banking and insurance products and services through its network of branches in the capital and in the provinces. BUH is one of the most recognized credit card brands in the market along with MasterCard, has a significant partnership with MoneyGram International, Inc. for money transfer services, and continues to partner with other respected Haitian and international financial entities in order to offer solutions better suited to the needs of its clients. The BUH was recapitalized in 2013 as part of a restructuring endorsed by the Central Bank. A group of Haitian and American shareholders and businessmen from well-known institutions acquired the bank with the aim of transforming it into a strong, lucrative and transparent mid-level bank operating in a low penetration banking sector.

BOI Bank Corporation

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John's City
BOI Bank is an International Bank with a global network of financial services. It was founded in March 1994 and is domiciled in Antigua. BOI Bank has an established leadership within the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. Its main headquarters are in the capital of Antigua, Saint John's. Its team of executives constantly travels around different countries, creating a satisfaction for our clients that goes beyond the relationship of traditional private banking activities. BOI Bank's values ​​are based on the security and confidentiality of our clients; your peace of mind and your trust are our priorities. We take care of every detail so that you feel as a family, protected and in a stable environment. Our financial services make BOI Bank an organization that integrates protection and technology so that our clients carry out their operations and inquiries in a comfortable, fast and secure way. Professionalism is what characterizes our highly trained staff, committed to your needs and requirements, to provide protection and support when making your investments with our organization. Our policy of Personalized and Individual Attention, allows you to consult with our experts and account executives to carry out any movement, transaction or business. In 2013 he won a well-deserved “World Finance Banking Awards”, an annual award given by the British magazine World Finance, specialized in financial and business journalism.

Atlantic Bank Ltd

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Belize City
Atlantic Bank Ltd. was established in Belize City on August 16th, 1971 with a staff complement of seven. Since the Bank's inception, our customers have been at the forefront of our institution and we strive to meet and exceed their needs. It is with this in mind that we work towards building the future together and developing the communities we serve. We operate in all areas of finance both short and long term; destined for commerce, agriculture, export and import as well as in the areas of real estate, tourism services and others. As a responsible corporate citizen, ABL contributes to the growth and development of the communities that we serve. We work closely with organizations that promote education, health, sports, culture, and environmental awareness. We uphold high ethical working standards and comply with the laws and regulations of Belize. As a good corporate citizen, we consider the best interest of all our stakeholders; and carefully assess the impact of our actions on the general public.

St. Martin's Credit Union

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Benque Viejo del Carmen Cayo District
IN 1949, Father Bernard C. Zimmerman, S.J. introduced the Credit Union idea to San Ignacio. The people of San Ignacio knew very little about the Credit Union movement. Father Zimmerman got together a small group to whom he gave credit union classes every Sunday afternoon. These potential members, a mere handful, started bringing a few cents to save. Consequently, Manuel Aragon was appointed temporary treasurer. Saint Martin's Credit Union received its Certificate of Inco;poration. Its license to operate as a Credit Union on May 2@,1949. The first Board of Directors consisted of President-Alfredo Zaiden, Vice-President-Wilfedo Zetina, Treasurer-Manuel Aragon, Secretary - Elena Awe and Education Director-Carolina Bums. At the beginning, collections were done every Wednesday night in the lower flat of the priest's residence in San Ignacio. Officers Meeting were held monthly and membership every two or three months. Loan protection and Life Savings Insurance were gotten in 1957 from Cuna in the United States of America through the Belize Credit Union League. In 1959, Saint Martin's purchased its own house and lot. With this new development, collection days were increased to three times a week, at night for the convenience of members, and so it went until 1975.

Barbados Police Coop Credit Union Limited

"Faith, Hope, Charity"

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The Barbados Police Co-op Credit Union replaced the Savings Society of 1958 and was registered at the Department of Co-operatives on November 24th, 1960. Officials of the Credit Union met in a small office (about 15ft sq.) at Central Police Station in shared accommodation with the Police Association. The first President was Inspector John Hutson. Other past Presidents included Harold Banfield, Harold Jones and Aviston Prescod. The first Secretary was Mr. Lionel Lloyd. Major Ronald Stoute was Commissioner of Police who believed that there should be more than a mere Savings Society which was registered in 1958 and he threw his weight behind the Credit Union. In the early 1980's The office of the Credit Union moved a few steps across the yard at CPS to building about the twice the size of the previous one. From there it moved to rented premises at James Street, in 1989 then to its present location in Lightfoot Lane in January 1993. None of the recognized lending Institutions at the time, had any interest in Co-operatives. They were seen mainly as an extension of what is commonly known as a '"meeting turn." Members saved about $2.00 per month and to save $ 5.00 in those days was unique. The Annual General Meetings were held in the Recreation Room at CPS. Numbers started to increase in the early 1970's as the Credit Union gained acceptance among members. The Police Credit Union was the first Credit Union in Barbados to reach the million dollar Share Capital milestone and it has steadily grown due to the committed patronage of members. The Late Bro Kenrick Hutson remarked in his speech on January 1978 to celebrate this achievement “….we are celebrating an achievement which can be considered as one of the landmarks in the history of the Barbados Police Credit Union. It was sometime during the month of August, 1977 that we reached one million dollars in share capital.”

VCB Bank

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The Surinamese People's Credit Bank opened its doors to the public in 1949. But the history goes back to 1932. On August 27 of that year a commission was appointed to study whether it was desirable to establish a legal regulation for a money-lending company in Suriname. The condition of the States was that no legal money-lending could be created without creating a new credit option. In order to meet this requirement, two important studies were used and the final conclusions of these documents served as the basis for the founding deed of the Surinamese People's Credit Bank. This deed was executed on October 18, 1948 before the civil-law notary Drielsma and published in the GAB of October 22, 1948 no. 93. On January 3, 1949 the Volscredietbank opened its doors to the public. The bank started its business with the discounting of small promissory notes and the pawnshop credit. Credit methods have changed somewhat over the years, while credit conditions are still being applied and tightened up, depending on the time and the prevailing circumstances.