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Gateway Co-Operative Credit Union

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St. George
As Gateway Assembly continued to experience growth and progress, the idea of establishing its own Credit Union was developed by Pastor Adrian Banfield. The members of the Assembly welcomed and embraced the opportunity; and In December 2005, Gateway Cooperative Credit Union was registered and began operations. From the period 2006-2008, Gateway Co-operative Credit Union operated through the assistance of volunteers. Throughout the period, 2009-2011 one of the volunteers was made responsible for posting daily transactions. In 2012, as the Credit Union continued growing, another volunteer joined the team to further assist with entering those transactions. Further advancement, led to the hiring of an External Accountant during the period 2012-2014.

Gateway Co-operative Credit Union (2017) Ltd

" Your Gateway to Financial Success"

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Montego Bay
The unification of the Hanover and Montego Credit Unions gave birth to Gateway Co-operative Credit Union (2017) Limited on January 3, 2017. Post-merger, Gateway is now the 6th largest Credit Union in Jamaica, boasting an asset size of approximately $8.1 billion JMD, with a membership of over 60,000 members in the Cornwall Region. Our Mission "To empower our members by providing excellent service and sound financial guidance to create partnerships that will result in prudent, progressive and competitive business decisions, yielding mutual success." OUR VISION " To be the premier financial institution, by empowering our members for success through innovative products and services. "


"We Help You Achieve Your Dreams"

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Essequibo Coast
Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Limited has a rich and successful history of over 180 years that began with the establishment of the first Commercial Bank in British Guiana, the Colonial Bank, in May 1836, continuing with the operations of Barclays PLC. In 1987 the assets and liabilities of Barclays PLC were acquired by the Government of Guyana and renamed Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Limited. GBTI was officially opened to the public on December 1, 1987. In January 1990, GBTI merged with Republic Bank (Guyana) Ltd formerly Chase Manhattan Bank N.A, and in 1991 the Bank was privatised. With over 1,800 shareholders, the majority shareholder Secure International Finance Company Inc. holds 61% of the shares. Today, GBTI provides an extensive range of services to its Corporate and Individual customers. Personal Savings, Business and Investment Accounts; Personal, Housing and Business Financing; Credit Cards and Visa International Debit and Credit Cards are all offered by our Corporate Office and twelve (12) Branches spread across Guyana.

General Employees Cooperative Credit Union Limited

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To be accepted as the First choice financial institution by our members and the general public. To enhance the quality of life of all our members by their ownership of a stable efficient financial institution offering quality services in keeping with members needs.

Global Bank of Commerce Ltd

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St. John’s
We welcome you to Global Bank of Commerce, where our more than 3 decades of banking expertise combined with our modern approach will provide a range of global financial services to meet your personal, corporate and investment banking needs. Wherever you are in the world, you can do more to manage your financial objectives through the perfect balance of our highly personalised service and innovative products and services that allow you to conduct international business safely, efficiently and effectively. Global Bank of Commerce Ltd. (“GBC”) is a Caribbean owned and operated financial institution, offering attractive financial products to its local, regional and international customers since 1983. It is licensed in conformity with Antigua and Barbuda’s International Banking Act and has the distinction of being referred to as the “grandfather” of wholesale and international financial services operating in the jurisdiction’s financial centre. At GBC, we earn the regard of our customers through our understanding of our clients’ dynamic lifestyles and offering them financial options that match in multi-currency accounts, including USD, EUR, GBP and CAD. Our team of dedicated and professional executives recognizes that each customer’s financial needs are unique and takes great pride in tailoring our services for our valued customers. At GBC, every customer is a preferred customer, and we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

GN Bank

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The story begins in the early 1930's when it was all but impossible for people of color to obtain mortgage loans. There has always been an undeniable connection between "where" one lives and "how" one lives. As a rule, access to quality housing and a good neighborhood also translates to improved educational and employment opportunities. In the 30's, the future looked quite bleak due to a lack of access to better housing for Black citizens. However, "No" was not an option the founders of Illinois Service Federal were willing to accept

Grace Co-op Credit Union

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The Grace Co-op Credit Union was conceived in 1970 when Alvin Lee, Willie Diedrick, and Leroy Lukong of the Merchandise Department got together with the late Father John and discussed starting a Credit Union for the Grace Kennedy staff. After obtaining the approval, Mr. Fred Kennedy and Mr. Carlton Alexander moved rapidly and the Credit Union started in February 1970 with seventy two (72) members, and an asset base of $244 Thousand. The Credit Union has come a long way, our membership stood at Two Thousand and Seventy (2070) with total assets of $457M as at 31st December 2011. The Credit Union is a financial institution that offers a wide range of products and services to satisfy the needs of the members. Some of these products include Golden Harvest, Partner Plan, Fixed Deposit, Standing orders, and various loan types to suit individual needs with competitive interest rates.

Grandbay Cooperative Credit Union

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The credit union movement began with a simple idea - that people could achieve a better standard of living for themselves and others by pooling their savings and making loans to each others. The birth of the Credit Union movement in Dominica was greatly influenced by the Roman Catholic Church, with Sister Alicia de Tremerie, a Belgium-born nun being recognized as the Founder. Credit unions are owned by the membership, making it one of the unique financial institution. Credit unions put service first and add lots of caring when offering services to their members. It is about “people helping people.” giving the people a better life and improving the communities. Like other credit unions world wide, the Grand Bay Co-operative Credit Union Limited is membership owned. It started in 1983 as a saving union under the leadership of pioneers such as James Alexander, Maurice Elizee, MariaJules, Bonti Liverpool and others. GBCCU began with 20 members and $200.00 worth of shares. It became a registered co-operative in 1986. GBCCU serves members from Grand Bay, Tete Morne, Dubique, Bagatelle, Petite Savanne and others in the vicinity.