Here is a list of banks locally, regionally and internationally that are of benefits to Caribbean businesses and entrepreneurs.
Stock Exchanges
Here is a list of Caribbean Stock Exchanges and other Exchanges that are relevant to the Caribbean business world.
Here is a list of Cyber-currencies that are being used and accepted within the Caribbean and those that are well established internationally
Credit Unions
Credit Unions are a great alternative to traditional banking. Credit Unions are community and business friendly. It’s a great source for a housing, auto and basic loans at excellent rates and terms.
Mobile POS
Mobil Banking and Mobil Point of Sales is becoming the standard. Here is a list of Mobil POS Providers in the Caribbean.
Financial Blog
PRFinancial News is a financial news distribution channel that publishes breaking news affecting the financial industry locally, regionally and internationally. It’s a great source for financial tips and events.
Barter Exchanges
Bartering is one of those well kept secrets that Fortune 500 companies uses effectively. Modern Barter Exchanges are great source to purchase items you are paying cash for on trade.
Crowd Funding
Ready for raise funds for your project or invention, crowd funding agencies are a great start in getting the cash you need. Here is a list of Crowd Funding Agencies locally and around the world that are accessible to Caribbean entrepreneurs.
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