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The Surinamese People's Credit Bank opened its doors to the public in 1949. But the history goes back to 1932. On August 27 of that year a commission was appointed to study whether it was desirable to establish a legal regulation for a money-lending company in Suriname. The condition of the States was that no legal money-lending could be created without creating a new credit option. In order to meet this requirement, two important studies were used and the final conclusions of these documents served as the basis for the founding deed of the Surinamese People's Credit Bank. This deed was executed on October 18, 1948 before the civil-law notary Drielsma and published in the GAB of October 22, 1948 no. 93. On January 3, 1949 the Volscredietbank opened its doors to the public. The bank started its business with the discounting of small promissory notes and the pawnshop credit. Credit methods have changed somewhat over the years, while credit conditions are still being applied and tightened up, depending on the time and the prevailing circumstances.

Victoria Mutual

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Victoria Mutual began operations with The Victoria Mutual Building Society (VMBS) which was first opened its doors in 1878. Our founders, a group of Clergymen, led by then Rector of the Kingston Parish Church, Reverend G.W. Downer, formed VMBS with a vision of "meeting the needs of the deserving thrifty". VMBS' founding fathers had a goal of finding a way to partner with industrious, but financially excluded Jamaicans, to assist them with savings and home acquisition. Recognising that the needs of its Members have continued to change over the years, Victoria Mutual has sought to remain abreast of these changes, with a view to ensuring that its product and service offerings remain relevant and meet the needs of Members and customers. This has resulted in the expansion of its service offerings beyond the traditional savings and loans to include wealth management, money transfer services, real estate services and general insurance through our strategic business units.