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J & T Bank and Trust

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J&T Bank and Trust Inc. is a Barbados domiciled International Bank and Trust offering a variety of wealth management solutions tailored to the needs of our high net worth individuals and corporations. As a chartered bank incorporated in Barbados since 1966, J&T Bank and Trust is committed to ensuring the highest standards of personalized service to our clients. With a diversity of service offerings, the Bank is a leader in international business services to high net worth individuals & corporate clients. Through our global network of corporate partners & utilizing knowledge and expertise, we create value by providing access to Trust, Corporate, Banking and Investment solutions based on our clients’ needs.

Jamaica Defense Force Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

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The history of the J.D.F Co-operative Credit Union is a story of aspiration, ambition and achievement. The Credit Union was formed in response to the increasing financial needs of service men, many of whom were finding it challenging to meet economic goals due to financial strains. The servicemen were bravely trying to overcome the challenges of low wages, high levels of indebtedness, the lack of access to bank loans and avaricious loan sharks who were making a thriving business from their need for financial aid.Within this period, a group of visionary thinkers proactively decided to change the course of action. The year was 1962, one year after the inception of the Jamaica Defence Force, when a group of civilians who were working in Up Park Camp, formed a study group led by Father McLaughlin and Mr. Tony Woods, to learn about the Credit Union Movement in Jamaica. This study group was comprised of volunteers who met weekly to discuss the operations and benefits of Credit Unions and the requirements for membership.

Jamaica Mortgage Bank

"Facilitating Home Ownership"

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The Jamaica Mortgage Bank was established in 1971, as a private limited company under the Companies Act of 1965 with an authorized share capital of $5 million. On June 5, 1973, under Act of Parliament No. 16 of 1973, the Bank was converted to a statutory corporation. The authorized, issued and fully paid-up share capital of the Bank is at present $500 million. The Jamaica Mortgage Bank (JMB) was established with the mandate to finance safe and affordable housing so that all Jamaicans will have access to home ownership. The JMB seeks to mobilize financial resources for on-lending to private and public sector developers and financial institutions, developing an active secondary mortgage market and providing mortgage indemnity insurance.

Jamaica Stock Exchange

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Mission Statement To contribute to the growth and development of the countries in which we operate by facilitating the mobilization, exchange and expansion of capital while providing a return on equity that is acceptable to our shareholders. Objectives To promote the orderly and transparent development of the stock market and the stock exchange in Jamaica. To ensure that the stock market and its broker members operate at the highest standards practicable To develop, apply and enforce the rules designed to ensure public confidence in the stock market and its broker members To provide facilities for the transaction of stock market business To conduct research, disseminate relevant information and maintain local and international relationships which can enhance the development of the Jamaica stock market.

Jannou Credit Union

"Together We Can Move Mountains"

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There was a time in Saint Lucia’s past where the average, working class civil servant was not very welcome by the large multinational banks from the United Kingdom and Canada, on the island. Even as early as the 1960s, it was almost impossible for a Saint Lucian householder of modest means to get a loan to purchase land, buy farming equipment or a home, or start a business. Then some patriotic citizens rebelled against the system and led by Bernis Jn Baptiste, they founded the Credit Union, based in a small office on 79 Chaussee Road. The location of that first office became the Bernis Jn Baptiste Building and the beginning of a solid legacy of caring not only for the average, working class public servant in Saint Lucia but also the communities from where they come. Our Vision: To be the responsive and premier financial institution which enhances your life. Our Mission: Jannou Credit Union is member owned and dedicated to providing convenient, quality and personalized service while maintaining financial stability. We seek to provide ultimate customer satisfaction by a highly trained group of motivated volunteers and staff who are supported by automation and technology. We will undertake to enhance our members' financial health and quality of life. We will engage in demonstrable corporate social responsibility.


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We started in 1992 as the first money market broker in Jamaica. Now, we have over 220,000 clients across our operations in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Dominican Republic. A lot has evolved over the years, but one thing that hasn’t is our core philosophy: love motivates us to serve our clients and they are always at the heart of what we do. The four pillars of our values are love, ethics, credibility, and togetherness. These are the things that have sustained us as both a people and a financial institution. It is our duty to always act out of genuine intention and respect for our clients and it is our mission to help guide them to their financial objectives. We are experienced, strategic, and hard-working as an institution. And part of that is always staying happy and positive as an organization. We are a financial institution, but our core is love. It’s been this way since the day we started, and no matter what else changes, we will not.

JN Bank

"We'll Help You Find A Way"

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Mission We are a strong member-owned Jamaican bank committed to the financial success and growth of every member, so that together we can boldly move, live, work, play, and raise families with confidence. Vision We are a bold and courageous financial institution dedicated to financial independence for all and using business as a force for good. We will always help you find a way, go where no one has gone before to facilitate extraordinary life experiences, create wealth and sustain long-term value. Our Promise Established on a legacy of promoting confidence and financial inclusion of Jamaicans for more than 140 years, JN Bank is dedicated to our MEMBERS’ financial growth and success. We are committed to: Treating you with dignity and delivering service consistent with your expectations Providing convenient and innovative solutions supported by the best technology Offering competitive interest rates while charging fees lower than market rates Providing clear, relevant and timely information to assist you in making the right decisions Handling your requests, suggestions and complaints with care and with the greatest level of confidentiality, fairness, integrity and urgency. This is our covenant with you.


"Committed To Your Economic Success"

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Jamaica Police Co-operative Credit Union Limited (JPCCU) was founded July 4th, 1955 by 11 rank and file members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force with each contributing one (1) shilling (equivalent of ten cents today). It was established with the specific mandate to encourage collective savings and to provide loans to the members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force. To date, the Credit Union's raison d'être remains to help our Members elevate their financial status and achieve their goals; through specialized products formulated with their financial needs in mind. The Credit Union started its operation in a small room at the East Street Police canteen. As the Movement grew and the membership rapidly increased, JPCCU moved it's only operating office at the time to Elleston Road. The office was moved to Hope Road and later returned to Elleston Road. After many years of operation at the Elleston Road location, the need for greater comfort to our growing membership base became a priority resulting in the purchasing of its office space at Church Street, a building purchased solely from surplus made by the Credit Union.