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La Caisse Populaire Kotelam

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The Koperativ Tèt Ansanm pou Lavi Miyò (KOTELAM) is a credit union founded at the Station Baptiste Faubourg Salomon under the instigation of Frantz Prinvil, the founder of KOTELAM. It must be said that the 1st meeting was held on May 21, 1989 with 6 people but the Constitutive Assembly was held on November 28, 1989 which is also the date of founding of KOTELAM. The idea of ​​helping to provide certain answers to the socio-economic problems of underprivileged social strata was the basis of the founding of this fund. Kotelam celebrated its 25 years of existence on November 28, 2014.

La Inmaculada Credit Union Ltd.

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Orange Walk Town
La Inmaculada Credit Union Ltd. was registered on June 5, 1949. Approximately, 12 members began this unique financial institution amidst an atmosphere of colonial rule and the struggle against it. There were no banks except for the government’s treasury where mostly the few affluent storekeepers and chicle contractors deposited savings. As most people were poor, it was common for them to resort to pawning their humble belongings, borrowing from loan sharks and remaining indebted for life, selling their produce at a very low price, and even losing their property. Jesuits, pioneered credit unions in Belize and spread the Credit Union message from the pulpit. Educational meetings were held in schoolrooms and film shows attracted much audience at the park.

Laborie Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

"We are not a Bank, We are better"

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The initial operations of the Credit Union were conducted only on Saturday mornings at the shop of Mrs. Vida Darcheville and later at the Laborie Village Council Office. In 1979, the business was relocated to the Laborie Community Centre, where it remained until 1992. That year, with the assistance of Mr. Allan Renee it acquired its own building and moved to new premises on Allan Louisy Street. In 1999, the Laborie Credit Union opened a branch in Augier. The Laborie Co-operative Credit Union was established in August 1976 and registered on 22nd May, 1981. The idea was conceptualized after a number of community consultations and the recognition that the community needed to mobilize its financial and human resources on a self-help basis, for the development and improvement of the quality of life of the people of Laborie.

Lascelles Employees & Partners Co-operative Credit Union

"Your Friendly Financial Institution of Choice"

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Kingston 11
LECCU is one of the leading in-house credit unions in Jamaica, today. Since its inception on the 19th of Sept. 1968, it has grown into a medium-size credit union with total assets of just over $1 Billion. Currently, there are over 4,000 members being served by a staff complement of fourteen. History Lascelles Employees Co-operative Credit Union had their first meeting in June 1968, at 14 ½ Port Royal Street, Kingston, this was chaired by Mr. Mario Kirkcaldy who was later elected as its first President. It began with 50 members from Lascelles De Mercado & Company, Lascelles Shipping, Lascelles Distribution and Lascelles Merchandise. By October of the same year 194 members were on the register with new members from Western Terminals, Lascelles Laboratories, AJAS and Transportation Agencies. Mission Statement To assist in improving the quality of life of our members by providing: Competitive financial products Quality service Motivated staff In a stable environment where the tenets of integrity and honesty are upheld. Vision Statement To be the friendly financial institution of choice Satisfying the needs of our members.

Liberty Bank

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Established in 1825, Liberty Bank is Connecticut’s oldest bank, with over $6 billion in assets and 60 banking offices throughout the central, eastern, western and shoreline areas of the state. As a full-service financial institution, Liberty offers consumer and commercial banking, home mortgages, insurance, and investment services. Named ‘Top Workplace’ by the Hartford Courant for eight consecutive years, Liberty maintains a longstanding commitment to superior personal service and unparalleled community involvement.