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Scotiabank Trinidad & Tobago Limited

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Our commitment to you is backed by experience and stability, accompanying over 60 years of continuous and progressive banking operations in Trinidad and Tobago. We draw on our past to help you uncover new opportunities for your future, giving you the power to make better off possible. Scotiabank first opened a branch in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad in 1906. However, after an epidemic of yellow fever that year which took the life of the manager, the branch closed to prevent the contagious disease from spreading to other staff. In 1954 Scotiabank returned to Port-of-Spain and further expanded in Trinidad with seven new branches in the late 1960s, bringing the total to 13. In 1973, The Bank of Nova Scotia Trinidad and Tobago Limited issued 17,000,000 shares to local shareholders, who eventually acquired about 23 per cent of the capital funds. Again in 1979, additional shares were sold, bringing local holdings to slightly more than 50 per cent. In 1998, the bank's name was changed to Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago Limited. Today, Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago Limited has approx. 1,599 employees, over 96 automated teller machines (ATMs), 23 branches and 3 sales centres, offering a broad range of retail, commercial and cash management services.

Spaar- en Kredietcooperatie De Schakel g.a.

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KCDS is the first "Open Bound Credit Union" in our country and was founded on February 2, 1972. Establishment The first step towards the establishment of the KCDS was taken during a church service in November 1971 in the St. Alfonsuskerk on the Verlengde Keizerstraat in Paramaribo. In December of the same year, a small number of people, wo ms. Mathilde Does, meeting for the purpose of exchanging information and to form a working group. The efforts of this working group resulted in the registration of 40 (forty) prospective members, the establishment of the credit cooperative on February 2, 1972 and the election of the provisional board.

St. Francis Xavier Credit Union Ltd.

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Founded in 1947 by Rev. Henry Suttie S.J. It functioned for some years, but it was financially weak and stagnant. In December of 1979 it was re-organized by Fr. James Walsh S.J., and under new management, it has been growing and thriving since. St. Francis Xavier Credit Union Ltd. is a cooperative financial institution, having a Cooperative Structure. However, Credit Unions are different from other financial institutions in several unique ways. They are organized for the purpose of providing financial services to a certain group of people, the members. All surplus earnings are returned to its members in the form of dividends and rebates annually. It is a democratically controlled organization; each member has one vote. “People Helping People” is the basic philosophy of the Credit Union.

St. John’s Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

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St. John’s Cooperative Credit Union (SJCCU) has been serving the public of Antigua & Barbuda since August 16, 1982 when the then Registrar of Cooperatives, Mr. George Jonas, presented the certificate of Registration to the first 16 members. According to our first President, Ms Althea Crick, St. John’s Cooperative Credit Union was born out of a desire to have a model for a modern credit union development. Most of the credit unions that existed in Antigua & Barbuda up to 1982 were closed bond, whereby credit union services were offered exclusively to persons who shared a particular occupation or religion. SJCCU became the first open bond Credit Union to be formed to cater to the needs of everyone. We came from humble beginnings. With the support of the Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions, St. John’s Cooperative Credit Union was initially hosted by the Credit Union League office, the umbrella organisation for cooperatives in Antigua & Barbuda. The Credit Union League’s office was initially located upstairs Daniel’s Bakery on South Street and later relocated to the former Hitachi building on Tanner Street. In 1992, just ten (10) years later, SJCCU became the proud owners of our own premises the renowned blue and green headquarters, on lower All Saints Road.

St. John's Credit Union Limited

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Belize City
From its humble origins, St. John’s Credit Union has established a long-standing tradition of excellence to become one of the leading financial institutions that it is today. Since 1946, SJCU has served its members by catering to individual needs, giving members opportunities to gain financial security and independence. Our history demonstrates our progressiveness; on-going changes reflect our dynamism and the future will continue to be shaped by our innovative strategies. Immediately after World War II, economic resources in Belize were very limited. Due to this, Credit Unions were formed out of necessity, so people could help each other in a structured way. On November 8, 1946, 10 parishioners of the St. John’s Anglican Church met in a St. John’s Primary School classroom on Albert Street and founded what was initially St. John’s Parish Credit Union Ltd. The first board was formed with the famous Belizean patriot, Edward P. Yorke as President, Miss Enid Mitchell –Treasurer, Mrs. Laura Dunn – Secretary, Mr. Hugh W. Smith and Mr. Harvey Jefferies as Directors. Since then, the Credit Union has maintained its heritage of outstanding leadership. Mr. Leigh Richardson and Mr. Lee Longsworth served as Presidents; in 1953, the Credit Union elected its first female president, Nurse Vivian Seay, MBE. After its formation, St. John’s Parish Credit Union grew steadily and improving its performance and efficiency, always looking for innovative ways to serve our members. With this in mind, a building was constructed in October 1957 on the St. John’s school campus, which is now part of Anglican Cathedral College. This project was initiated by President, Ms. Enid Mitchell. After twenty successful years of existence, based on requests from the community, the membership agreed to welcome members outside of the parish. On June 17, 1978 the credit union was formally re-registered as St. John’s Credit Union Ltd.

St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank

" Working Harder Today For a Brighter Tomorrow"

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St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Limited is one of the premier financial institutions in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union, and is known throughout the region for its commitment to innovation and exceptional customer service. National has been serving the Federation of St. Kitts & Nevis for over 46 years, and has become a leader in the financial industry in the region. The St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Limited (National) was incorporated in 1971 under the Companies Act Chapter 335, and was re-registered under the new Companies Act No. 22 of 1996 in 1999. The Bank and its branches are licensed by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, under the applicable Banking Act 2015, to carry on banking business in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union.

St. Lucia Co-operative Credit Union League Limited

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The St Lucia Co-operative Credit Union League Ltd was established on the 26th January 1977 to serve the credit unions and co-operatives of Saint Lucia by providing the highest levels of leadership, growth, strength, unity, professional service, quality information, self-sustenance of the co-operative movement through advocacy. Since then the League has evolved to serve solely the credit unions as their secondary body. Coordinating the collective resources of the Credit Union movement; facilitating education and training. The League creates an enabling environment where Saint Lucians use the co-operative concept in meeting their socio-economic needs. Co-operatives are based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. In the tradition of their founders, co-operative members believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others

St. Lucia Teachers' Cooperative Credit Union Ltd

"An Educated Choice"

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The St. Lucia Teachers' Co-operative Credit Union Ltd, is a co-operative Financial Organization established on June 23, 1984 and registered #45 on August 28 1986, to assist its members in improving their social and economical well-being. Strategic Vision "A dynamic financial institution delivering valued products and services to members and developing the capacity to cope with the demands of a modern co-operative movement." Mission Statement "The SLTCC will provide quality products and services to members, encourage member participation in planned activities and together promote the growth and development of the society."