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Scotiabank Dominican Republic

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As the most international bank in Canada, Scotiabank has been operating in the Dominican Republic since 1920, and today operates with more than 2,000 employees, 99 ATMs, 58 branches, and 23 agencies through Scotiabank Solutions. This, together with a wide range of financial products and services, which we offer to the Personal Banking, Private Banking, Commercial, Corporate and Investment Banking segments. Likewise, through Scotiabank Solutions we serve the retail and microcredit segment Scotiabank has evolved, along with the growth and development history of the Dominican Republic, from the moment it opened its first branch on Calle Isabel La Católica in Santo Domingo and then in San Pedro de Macorís in 1920. Our trajectory has been shared with generations of companies and clients, supporting their financial needs, their projects and being an important part of their development and growth. In addition, they are strong supporters of different community initiatives with extensive contribution to education, health, art and culture programs.

Central Bank Of The Dominican Republic

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The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic was created on October 9th, 1947, in accordance with Statutory Law No. 1529. It commenced operations on October 23rd of the same year, serving as a decentralized and independent organization. At present, it is governed by the Monetary and Financial Law. The Central Bank is ruled by the Monetary Board. Mission To guarantee the stability of prices, the appropriate regulation of the financial system and the suitable operation of the payment systems, acting as the issuer and executor of the monetary and exchange, in agreement with the duties conferred this institution by the constitution and the law.