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Antigua & Barbuda Police Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

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St John’s
Antigua and Barbuda Police Co-operative Credit Union was established in 1954 to help members working for the Police Force achieve their financial goals. The Credit Union movement in Antigua and Barbuda was started by the Catholic Church. It grew from a simple savings group to a very strong movement throughout the country. In this regard, there is no doubt that one of the founding members of the Police Credit Union, former Chief of Police, the late Edmund Blaize, a Catholic, was very committed to the establishment of a vibrant financial co-operative for Police officers. It was officially registered in 1957. Since that time, the membership has opened to the General Public to include Caribbean Nationals.

St. John’s Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

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St. John’s Cooperative Credit Union (SJCCU) has been serving the public of Antigua & Barbuda since August 16, 1982 when the then Registrar of Cooperatives, Mr. George Jonas, presented the certificate of Registration to the first 16 members. According to our first President, Ms Althea Crick, St. John’s Cooperative Credit Union was born out of a desire to have a model for a modern credit union development. Most of the credit unions that existed in Antigua & Barbuda up to 1982 were closed bond, whereby credit union services were offered exclusively to persons who shared a particular occupation or religion. SJCCU became the first open bond Credit Union to be formed to cater to the needs of everyone. We came from humble beginnings. With the support of the Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions, St. John’s Cooperative Credit Union was initially hosted by the Credit Union League office, the umbrella organisation for cooperatives in Antigua & Barbuda. The Credit Union League’s office was initially located upstairs Daniel’s Bakery on South Street and later relocated to the former Hitachi building on Tanner Street. In 1992, just ten (10) years later, SJCCU became the proud owners of our own premises the renowned blue and green headquarters, on lower All Saints Road.

Community First Co-operative Credit Union

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St John
Objectives In pursuit of its mission, the CCCU performs the following broad functions: Defending and representing the interest of the Co operative Sector; Providing technical and managerial assistance to strengthen and expand the Co-operative Sector; Promoting and facilitating technology transfers and expertise; Conducting promotional and educational campaigns to showcase Co-operative Sector achievements and benefits; Organizing educational conventions and other fora to strengthen leadership, governance and management; Providing directors and employees opportunities for skills training with regional and international certification; Mobilizing financial and technical resources for expanding the sector