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Evangel Credit Union

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Belize City
A Belizean Christian Credit Union; the only one of it's kind, catering to the financial needs of its membership; Evangelicals, Pentecostals, & Catholics. Members pool financial resources by purchasing shares then borrow, lend, collect dividends!

Blue Creek Credit Union

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Blue Creek

Toledo Teachers Credit Union Ltd

"Better Service, Lower Cost!"

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Toledo District
Toledo Teachers’ Credit Union is the brain child of Mr. Anthony Fuentes, then President of the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU), Toledo Rural Branch. Mr. Fuentes saw the need for improved financial services for teachers working in the remote villages, since they experienced difficulties as a result of having only one financial institution operating in Toledo District. Mr. Fuentes started to agitate for the establishment of a credit union in early 2000. He sensitized teachers on the importance of establishing a credit union primarily to meet the needs of teachers, but also to meet the needs of the wider community. Consequently, he invited Mr. Leopoldo Romero, veteran credit unionist and then employee of St. Francis Xavier Credit Union to give a presentation to the teachers of Toledo on the benefits and intricacies of a credit union. This presentation was held in September 2000. Teachers’ interest grew dramatically and they requested another presentation. The second presentation was held in October 2000 and at the end of the presentation the teachers unanimously agreed to form a steering committee that would lead the process of getting the credit union organized and formalized. The Steering Committee agreed to employ Mr. Leopoldo Romero as manager and on November 1, 2000 he started to work, but on a voluntary basis. Since there was no office or other infrastructure, Mr. Romero initially performed his duties out of the house of Mrs. Olga Garcia and his personal vehicle. On November 24, 2000, Mr. Romero and the Steering Committee held a membership drive at the Central Park in Punta Gorda Town. At the end of the day, 87 members had joined and contributed $7,887.50. With these funds the first bank account was opened at the Belize Bank, Punta Gorda Town. In December 2000, the Cooperative Department allowed the fledgling organization to operate from a small space within its Punta Gorda office. By the end of that month loans were being offered to members. Over the almost 18 years of existence, the Toledo Teachers’ Credit Union has made great strides. Starting with 87 members in 2000, it now has 8,500 members in March 2018 Its last audited financial statements for year ended March 2018 showed that total assets amounted to over 22 Million. The Toledo Teachers’ Credit Union continues to grow and provide quality financial services to its members and other stakeholders.

Holy Redeemer Credit Union

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Belize City
Welcome to the Holy Redeemer Credit Union! As a credit union, we are owned by our members to serve and benefit our member-owners. Now you have even more options, information, security and convenience for the many banking needs of you and your family. We will do whatever it takes to enhance the growth and development of our members’ financial well being.

Belize Credit Union League

"Your Financial Means to a Better Belize"

The Credit Union (CU) Movement in Belize was started in 1943 by a coalition of 32 individuals. The pioneer of the movement was Father Marion Ganey, who believed that people have the responsibility to solve their economic and social problems. The Belize Credit Union League Limited (BCUL) was established in 1956 under section the Credit Union Act, No. 7 of 2002 Part XII section 80. BCUL is an association of Credit Unions and was established to further the Credit Union movement’s common interests through advocacy, bulk purchasing, and training for the benefit of its members.

La Inmaculada Credit Union Ltd.

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Orange Walk Town
La Inmaculada Credit Union Ltd. was registered on June 5, 1949. Approximately, 12 members began this unique financial institution amidst an atmosphere of colonial rule and the struggle against it. There were no banks except for the government’s treasury where mostly the few affluent storekeepers and chicle contractors deposited savings. As most people were poor, it was common for them to resort to pawning their humble belongings, borrowing from loan sharks and remaining indebted for life, selling their produce at a very low price, and even losing their property. Jesuits, pioneered credit unions in Belize and spread the Credit Union message from the pulpit. Educational meetings were held in schoolrooms and film shows attracted much audience at the park.

St. Martin's Credit Union

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Benque Viejo del Carmen Cayo District
IN 1949, Father Bernard C. Zimmerman, S.J. introduced the Credit Union idea to San Ignacio. The people of San Ignacio knew very little about the Credit Union movement. Father Zimmerman got together a small group to whom he gave credit union classes every Sunday afternoon. These potential members, a mere handful, started bringing a few cents to save. Consequently, Manuel Aragon was appointed temporary treasurer. Saint Martin's Credit Union received its Certificate of Inco;poration. Its license to operate as a Credit Union on May 2@,1949. The first Board of Directors consisted of President-Alfredo Zaiden, Vice-President-Wilfedo Zetina, Treasurer-Manuel Aragon, Secretary - Elena Awe and Education Director-Carolina Bums. At the beginning, collections were done every Wednesday night in the lower flat of the priest's residence in San Ignacio. Officers Meeting were held monthly and membership every two or three months. Loan protection and Life Savings Insurance were gotten in 1957 from Cuna in the United States of America through the Belize Credit Union League. In 1959, Saint Martin's purchased its own house and lot. With this new development, collection days were increased to three times a week, at night for the convenience of members, and so it went until 1975.

St. John's Credit Union Limited

"Safe Saving...Smart Borrowing"

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Belize City
From its humble origins, St. John’s Credit Union has established a long-standing tradition of excellence to become one of the leading financial institutions that it is today. Since 1946, SJCU has served its members by catering to individual needs, giving members opportunities to gain financial security and independence. Our history demonstrates our progressiveness; on-going changes reflect our dynamism and the future will continue to be shaped by our innovative strategies. Immediately after World War II, economic resources in Belize were very limited. Due to this, Credit Unions were formed out of necessity, so people could help each other in a structured way. On November 8, 1946, 10 parishioners of the St. John’s Anglican Church met in a St. John’s Primary School classroom on Albert Street and founded what was initially St. John’s Parish Credit Union Ltd. The first board was formed with the famous Belizean patriot, Edward P. Yorke as President, Miss Enid Mitchell –Treasurer, Mrs. Laura Dunn – Secretary, Mr. Hugh W. Smith and Mr. Harvey Jefferies as Directors. Since then, the Credit Union has maintained its heritage of outstanding leadership. Mr. Leigh Richardson and Mr. Lee Longsworth served as Presidents; in 1953, the Credit Union elected its first female president, Nurse Vivian Seay, MBE. After its formation, St. John’s Parish Credit Union grew steadily and improving its performance and efficiency, always looking for innovative ways to serve our members. With this in mind, a building was constructed in October 1957 on the St. John’s school campus, which is now part of Anglican Cathedral College. This project was initiated by President, Ms. Enid Mitchell. After twenty successful years of existence, based on requests from the community, the membership agreed to welcome members outside of the parish. On June 17, 1978 the credit union was formally re-registered as St. John’s Credit Union Ltd.