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Marigot Co-operative Credit Union

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St. Andrews
The Marigot Co-operative Credit Union Limited is a financial institution that was formed in the year 1954 out of a study group selected from persons in the community of Marigot with limited financial resources. The group was led by Mr. Belgrave Robinson assisted by a number of persons including Mr. Meshach Linton, Mr. Edney Sylvester, Mr. Slyes E James, Mr. Hommil Hamlet and Mr. Anthony Winston. The meeting place of that study group was at the Golden Arror Club in Marigot and their contribution for savings was 25¢ per week. January 5th 1955 was inauguration day for the Marigot Co-operative Credit Union. The aim of the Credit Union was to promote economic thrift among members and provide a source of credit that was more favorable than the banking sector, to people of the Community. The Credit Union at that time was run by a Board of Directors elected from among the same people. Mr. Meshach Linton was its first President and Mr. Syles E James the first Treasurer. Other members of the Board included Mr. Edney Sylvester, Dr. Basteria and Mr. Hommil Hamlet. At the start Mr. Hommil Hamlet collected the money from members and the money was kept at the home of a business man named Mr. Anthony Winston for safe keeping. Savings was collected at the home of the Treasurer until the first Credit Union office building was built in 1972. What started off from a very humble beginning with member’s savings as little as 25 ¢ is today a multi-million dollar institution with assets of over 47 million dollars and the institution has a membership of over three thousand.

Central Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

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Our History Central Co-operative Credit Union Limited was registered as a newly formed credit union on July 2, 2007 on the amalgamation of the St. Alphonsus and Portsmouth credit unions. The amalgamation which grew from the strategic and long term planning of these two strong credit unions brought together the second and third largest credit unions on the island with combined assets of $59.4 million in assets.As a result of the amalgamation members of Central are able to enjoy convenience and access to funds from conveniently located branches in the capital and the second town. CCCUL is able to enjoy economies of scale and tremendous growth since the cost of operations is now measured against a larger asset base and a larger income. During its first three years of operations CCCUL experienced growth in the following areas: Membership – 10.9% Savings – 27.1% Assets – 20.2% Loan portfolio – grown 37.2%

Grandbay Cooperative Credit Union

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The credit union movement began with a simple idea - that people could achieve a better standard of living for themselves and others by pooling their savings and making loans to each others. The birth of the Credit Union movement in Dominica was greatly influenced by the Roman Catholic Church, with Sister Alicia de Tremerie, a Belgium-born nun being recognized as the Founder. Credit unions are owned by the membership, making it one of the unique financial institution. Credit unions put service first and add lots of caring when offering services to their members. It is about “people helping people.” giving the people a better life and improving the communities. Like other credit unions world wide, the Grand Bay Co-operative Credit Union Limited is membership owned. It started in 1983 as a saving union under the leadership of pioneers such as James Alexander, Maurice Elizee, MariaJules, Bonti Liverpool and others. GBCCU began with 20 members and $200.00 worth of shares. It became a registered co-operative in 1986. GBCCU serves members from Grand Bay, Tete Morne, Dubique, Bagatelle, Petite Savanne and others in the vicinity.

National Cooperative Credit Union Limited

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The National Cooperative Credit Union Limited (NCCU) emerged from an amalgamation of five credit unions-- La Salette, St Paul, Vieille Case, Roseau and St David’s-- on November 1, 2010. These credit unions became the first Branches of NCCU "One Big Family". Amalgamation is one approach which has been used successfully by credit unions worldwide to strengthen their institutions. By the end of 2017, NCCU had evolved from being the Big 5 (as we were commonly called then) to the Big 7 by accepting the assets and liabilities of the South-Eastern and Castle Bruce Credit Unions. NCCU is a financially sound, multimillion dollar institution distinguished as the largest credit union in the OECS. Its 2018 Annual Report records Share Capital of $5.53M, Members Equity of $61.4M, Assets of $625.7M and a membership of 47,700. We offer members a complete line of financial services including savings, deposit and retirement accounts, loans for all purposes, an international debit card, Online, chequing, audio teller and money transfer services and funeral plans. NCCU is one of seven (7) credit unions currently operating in The Commonwealth of Dominica.