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BJ Staff Co-Operative Credit Union Limited

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The BJ Staff Cooperative Credit Union Ltd. officially opened its doors for business on 7 July 1964 under the stewardship of Mr Austin McLaren, founder, President and Chair of the Board. Our commitment to our members has not gone unnoticed. We have received a number of awards, namely the John P Sullivan Award for “Small Credit Union of the Year” and the Paul Thompson Award for “ Medium –Size Credit union of the Year”

JPS & Partners Coorperative Credit Union Limited

"Your Financial Partner For Life"

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Kingston 10
In February 2008 the Credit Union expanded its bond and was renamed JPS & Partners Co-operative Credit Union Limited. The credit union is presently located at 65 ¾ Half Way Tree Road, Kingston 10. It is rated among the largest Credit Unions in the island. In 2001 the credit union’s accumulated funds were in excess of $208 Million in shares and a total asset base of $716 Million, after 45 years of operation. Today, JPS & Partners Co-operative Credit Union Limited has in excess of $2 Billion in savings and over $4 Billion total asset base. We stand committed to our mission: To provide members with efficient, reliable and professional service to meet their financial needs To offer competitive financial facilities that our members require To give reasonable advice to our members in order to secure their financial investments To improve the quality of life of our members and foster their economic independence

Gateway Co-operative Credit Union (2017) Ltd

" Your Gateway to Financial Success"

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Montego Bay
The unification of the Hanover and Montego Credit Unions gave birth to Gateway Co-operative Credit Union (2017) Limited on January 3, 2017. Post-merger, Gateway is now the 6th largest Credit Union in Jamaica, boasting an asset size of approximately $8.1 billion JMD, with a membership of over 60,000 members in the Cornwall Region. Our Mission "To empower our members by providing excellent service and sound financial guidance to create partnerships that will result in prudent, progressive and competitive business decisions, yielding mutual success." OUR VISION " To be the premier financial institution, by empowering our members for success through innovative products and services. "

COK Sodality Cooperative Credit Union Ltd

" Invest in your future today"

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Kingston 5
With a vision ahead of its time, Albert Morris had proposed the concept to create an inclusive credit union for the citizens of Kingston. A credit union is a co-operative financial institution, which is owned and controlled by its members. His dream was finally brought to fruition in 1967, when Paul Chavannes submitted Mr. Morris’ proposal to the Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League (JCCUL) and the Registrar of Co-operative; which resulted in the birth of the City of Kingston Co-operative Credit Union Limited (COK) on October 26, 1967. With 13 members and a total share of two shillings and six pence the first Annual General Meeting was held on November 24, 1967. Since its inception COK has grown from a union with only 13 members to enjoying the benefits of having a membership base of over 280,000+ in not just Jamaica but in the English-speaking Caribbean on a whole. COK not only caters to its customers located across Jamaica such as St. Andrew, Kingston, Montego Bay, Mandeville and St. Catherine; but also, to its customers living overseas in countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Grand Cayman. With over 53 years serving its clients, COK plans to continue helping and others and expanding to further lengths over time. We have carefully designed a range of savings and loans products to meet the variety of needs reflected in the profile of our members. In this regard, we have developed a wide range of products including -Fixed Deposits, the Partner Plan, Golden Harvest, Pension Plan and Family Indemnity Plan; loan products which include Business Loans, Home Equity loans, Personal loans, Mortgage, Education and Auto loans; as well as Cambio – all with our members’ success in mind!

Lascelles Employees & Partners Co-operative Credit Union

"Your Friendly Financial Institution of Choice"

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Kingston 11
LECCU is one of the leading in-house credit unions in Jamaica, today. Since its inception on the 19th of Sept. 1968, it has grown into a medium-size credit union with total assets of just over $1 Billion. Currently, there are over 4,000 members being served by a staff complement of fourteen. History Lascelles Employees Co-operative Credit Union had their first meeting in June 1968, at 14 ½ Port Royal Street, Kingston, this was chaired by Mr. Mario Kirkcaldy who was later elected as its first President. It began with 50 members from Lascelles De Mercado & Company, Lascelles Shipping, Lascelles Distribution and Lascelles Merchandise. By October of the same year 194 members were on the register with new members from Western Terminals, Lascelles Laboratories, AJAS and Transportation Agencies. Mission Statement To assist in improving the quality of life of our members by providing: Competitive financial products Quality service Motivated staff In a stable environment where the tenets of integrity and honesty are upheld. Vision Statement To be the friendly financial institution of choice Satisfying the needs of our members.

Community & Workers of Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

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Kingston 10
C&WJ Co-operative Credit Union first open its door in April 1961, one year before Jamaica gained independence from Britain in August 1962. The company at that time was named JTC Employees Co-operative Credit Union which was bonded to serve the employees of the then Jamaica Telephone Company Limited (JTC). In 1995 Jamaica Telephone Company (JTC) was renamed to Telecommunications of Jamaica (TOJ) and the credit union was also renamed TOJ Employees Co-operative Credit Union.There was another name change to C&WJ Employees Co-operative Credit Union in 1999 when TOJ was renamed to Cable & Wireless of Jamaica. In order to serve the wider community and to extend reach to having members outside of the telecommunications industry, the credit union’s name was changed to Communities & Workers of Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union in 2006