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VISION Become a Full Service League which meets the evolving needs of members in consonance with the Co-operative Business Model. MISSION To provide relevant services, training and co-operative education to members while providing quality representation for the Credit Union Sector in Saint Lucia. Principles are: Voluntary & Open Membership Democratic Member Control Member Economic Participation Autonomy & Independent Education, Training & Information Co-operation among Co-operatives Concern for Community Functions & Responsibility Foster the growth and welfare of Credit unions both by direct effort and co-operation with other agencies having similar objectives. Encourage savings, wise use of Credit and prudent management of personal and family resources. Secure active participation in the democratic processes of co-operative control at all levels and in the exercise of officer responsibility. Provide information and guidance to Credit Union and other co-operative leaders and personnel so that the societies they serve will offer the best possible service to members to make such opportunity equitable. Contribute to the development of higher standards of credit union management, operation and supervision by advise and direction in the interest of members and membership of affiliated credit unions. Establish and maintain good working relationships with the government and its agencies to assure maximum freedom of action on the part of Credit Unions in the fulfillment of their responsibilities and attainment of their goals. Maintain the individual and collective autonomy of credit unions in St. Lucia. Study all legislation pertaining to Credit Unions to obtain legislation helpful to the purposes of the Co-operative Movement and to defend the Movement against adverse legislation. Extend to people everywhere regardless of race, creed, religion, or social or economic level, the opportunity to participate in the services and benefits of Credit unions and other co-operative societies. Inform of the principles, functions and objectives of Credit unions and other co-operative societies through information and education. Cultivate recognition and acceptance of the Co-operative Movement. Encourage and assist in the provision of co-operative services wherever they are needed. Promote interest and co-operation among Credit unions and other co-operative societies, the Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions, the World Council of Credit Unions and its affiliates.

St. Lucia Co-operative Credit Union League Limited

Credit Union League Building, St. Lucia,

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