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Choiseul Co-operative Credit Union Ltd.

"We Make Lives Better"

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VISION Be THE financial service provider for our members through efficiency and professionalism committed to improving their quality of lives. MISSION STATEMENT To provide financial and other services that are beneficial to all members by pooling our savings and resources while borrowing and lending wisely for providential and productive purposes and encouraging prompt repayment. MOTTO “SAVE REGULARLY, BORROW WISELY, REPAY PROMPTLY” SLOGAN “We make your life better”
Family Indemnity, Scholarship, Community Support, Loans, Insurance, Savings Accounts, Future Plus, Sure Pay, Salary Deductions, Standing Orders, Western Union Money Transfer, Membership Education

Choiseul Co-operative Credit Union Ltd.

#3 JEM Salmon Street, Choiseul, St. Lucia,

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