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Republic Bank of Dominica

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Originally called Colonial Bank, we were born in 1837 as the first commercial bank in Trinidad and Tobago. Our 181-year history is testimony to a successful growth strategy fuelled by expansion through acquisition, prudent risk management principles, comprehensive and innovative corporate social investment programmes and initiatives, and visionary leadership paired with multitalented and loyal employees. Through the years, we continuously evolved to match the demands of growing economies and the rapid social changes in the markets where we currently operate. Significant expansion during this period, through the acquisition of several subsidiaries, resulted in Republic Bank performing dual roles of a licensed commercial bank and a holding company for its subsidiaries. While the roles were well managed, the Group needed a more sustainable structure to facilitate even more effective management and good governance given our current and future strategies.

Guyana Public Service Cooperative Credit Union Limited

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GPSU is a registered NGO and a recognised and established Trade Union that represent and negoitate for public servants rights, working conditions, wages and salaries, etc.

Grenada Co-Operative Bank

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St. George
At Grenada Co-operative Bank Limited, we constantly aspire to deliver the highest levels of service to our customers. Decades of experience coupled with a rich indigenous heritage have allowed us to create and tailor a wide variety of products and services to meet your needs. We recognize that when it comes to your finances, a caring and understanding relationship is everything. That is why, like the bees in our logo, we are able to work together for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

La Caisse Populaire Kotelam

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The Koperativ Tèt Ansanm pou Lavi Miyò (KOTELAM) is a credit union founded at the Station Baptiste Faubourg Salomon under the instigation of Frantz Prinvil, the founder of KOTELAM. It must be said that the 1st meeting was held on May 21, 1989 with 6 people but the Constitutive Assembly was held on November 28, 1989 which is also the date of founding of KOTELAM. The idea of ​​helping to provide certain answers to the socio-economic problems of underprivileged social strata was the basis of the founding of this fund. Kotelam celebrated its 25 years of existence on November 28, 2014.

Scotia Bank Jamaica

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The Bank of Nova Scotia was established in Jamaica in 1889, and has enjoyed a history of changes and transformations from colonialism to independence. What began with a small banking office in Kingston is today, a sophisticated island-wide network of 35 branches. With a staff of over 2,000 in Jamaica, Scotiabank provides state-of-the-art retail and commercial banking services to the Jamaican public. Over the past 120 plus years we have established our reputation as a strong, stable, and reliable participant in Jamaica's continuing growth and development. Our commitment to customers, "Discover what's possible." is more than just an advertising slogan; it is backed by the experience and stability accompanying a century of continuous and progressive banking operations in Jamaica. We draw on our past to help you uncover new opportunities for your future, giving you the power to make better off possible. When The Bank of Nova Scotia first planted its roots in Jamaica in 1889, banking on the island was about 50 years old. In those 50-odd years, a number of other banks had come and gone. Until the abolition of slavery on August 1, 1834, there had been little need for banks in Jamaica. The merchants soon began to see the advantage of having a local bank where bills of exchange could be converted to drafts in sterling, which would be more readily accepted by their creditors abroad. A barter trade had long existed between the province of Nova Scotia in Canada and Jamaica. As trade expanded in Jamaica during the middle of the 19th century, the limitations of the bartering system became increasingly apparent. The establishment of a branch of The Bank of Nova Scotia in Kingston, Jamaica therefore provided the best means of placing the trade on a monetary basis, and so The Bank of Nova Scotia was born.

Bank of Guyana

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RobbstownGeorgetown Demerara
The Bank of Guyana was established by virtue of the Bank of Guyana Ordinance No. 23 of 1965. Actual operation commenced on October 16. 1965 – seven months before the country gained political independence. The early establishment of the Bank was promoted by an agreement of the U.K. Government (acting for the still colonial members of the British Caribbean Currency Board (BCCB) and the Trinidad & Tobago Government), for the dissolution of the BCCB by mid-1967 and the cessation of issuance of currency after 1965. Within the context of the economic policy of the Government, the Bank shall be guided in all its actions by the objectives of fostering monetary stability and promoting credit and exchange conditions conducive to the growth of the economy of Guyana.

Nevis Cooperative Credit Union Limited

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Doing business with the Nevis Cooperative Credit Union gives you more advantage than other institutions. Best of all, you're a part owner of the credit union-which means that earnings are paid back to you, not stockholders. We offer higher dividends and low interest rates. NCCU is a not-for-profit organization that proudly serves the community and supports local organizations throughout Nevis.

Bank of The Republic of Haiti

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Rue de QuaiPort-au-Prince
Working hand in hand with the public and private sector, our goal is to provide for in international exchange for consultation and collaboration on matters of interest to stakeholders in the cash payments cycle and to GIVE BACK to the industry through the benefits provided from our various project work, programs and information resources. Industry Guidelines-IACA is committed to the development of a variety of guidelines. These documents are drafted with input from IACA members and provide an overview of the industry best practices and principles. IACA’s first publication is the Guidelines on Banknote Production, now scheduled for a second edition in 2012. There are several other documents now in the drafting stage, including Guidelines for Tendering, and Guidelines for Agent and Distributor Conduct. Members have access to Guidelines documents.