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Our name, Bahama Islands Co-operative Credit Union Limited, reflects the proud history of our organization. First known as ‘Paradise Island Resort & Casino Co-operative Credit Union Limited’ in 1986, then as Bahama Islands Resorts & Casinos Co-operative Credit Union Limited in 2007 and now BICCU since August 2014, we were established to address certain needs among employees of the Paradise Island Resort (now superseded by the mega vacation complex Atlantis. Casino workers who at the time did not have medical and pension benefits were the initial driving force behind establishing an organization that could provide medical, pension and other financial benefits for them and their colleagues. Founding members included Eugene Cooper, Anthony Balfour (deceased), Bruce Delancy, Trevor Grant (Deceased), Wendy Quant, Linda Symonette and Michael Munroe. We changed our name in 2007 to reflect a purpose that had expanded to embrace and serve the needs of many others, particularly employees of Family Island resorts and casinos. In 2009, BICCU made a transition to offer its services to not just all casino and resort employees but to their immediate family member as well. The most recent change to our license resulted from the wishes of our member at the 28th AGM – the approval for the regulatory authority to expand our license came in August 2014. We excitedly welcome the families of the Bahamas from virtually every industry – government and the private sector! We are actively involved in our community by the donations we make annually to various civic groups.

1st National Bank

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Vision Statement 1st National Bank St. Lucia Limited, a prudent, innovative, customer-centric, technologically driven and socially responsible employer of choice is the Caribbean’s leading financial services provider ranking in the top three in profitability. Mission Statement To improve our customers’ financial well-being by providing high quality financial solutions as we create sustainable return on shareholders’ investments and contribute to national development. Core Values Integrity: The ability to engender, trust and respect in all circumstances, through honesty and impartiality. Confidentiality: Maintaining the trust placed in oneself by others (clients and colleagues). Accountability: To own and be answerable for one’s performance and actions. Professionalism: To execute duties in an honest, respectful manner with fairness, competence and confidence at all times. Code of Honour I will always be honest, respectful and impartial in personal and business relations. I will never violate trust by divulging confidential information to unauthorized persons. I will always execute my duties competently. I will always respect the customer’s right of privacy. I will never place the Bank’s reputation at risk. I will always comport myself befitting the Bank’s image.

St. Vincent Co-operative Bank Ltd.

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Corporate Profile The St Vincent Co-operative Bank Limited opened its doors to business on 1st February 1945 and is one of the oldest indigenous financial institutions in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. At the time of opening, a penny was all that was required to start an account, and to date the Bank is known as ‘Penny Bank’ or ‘Forde Bank’ after its founder Ormond Forde. The relative ease of opening an account from inception has resulted in the St. Vincent Cooperative Bank now holding more Savings Accounts than any other financial institution in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. The St. Vincent Cooperative Bank is regulated by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) and offers the following services: • Residential Mortgages • Savings Accounts • Fixed deposits • Consumer Loans • Commercial Loans • Life Insurance On All Loans Exceptional service has always been the foremost priority of the Bank in its quest to become a leading financial institution in the country. The Bank’s mantra, ‘Service beyond your expectation’, is reflected in its mission statement and implemented by a courteous, efficient and reliable staff.


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UNIBANK has today become “the Leading Bank of Haiti”, leader in capital, profitability, customers, savings deposits, provincial deposits and international operations. Mission and History Our mission Our Mission is to offer our clients personalized, technologically efficient financial services at competitive prices. Our vocation is to be a bank with national geographic coverage and a selective international presence, offering quality financial services on four fronts: - in Port-au-Prince - in Provinces - to Haitians living overseas - on the Internet We want to be the best bank in Haiti in terms of service quality, and we will be accessible to our customers both in Haiti and abroad, on a "24x7x365" basis: - 24 hours a day, - 7 days a week, - 365 days a year We will fulfill our mission by being a profitable bank for our shareholders, by ensuring the promotion and development of our human resources, by participating fully and in a socially responsible manner in the activities of our Community. We are working to be the First Commercial Bank of Haiti, within a solid and diversified financial group: the National Financial Group (GFN). UNIBANK in brief UNIBANK has today become “the Leading Bank of Haiti”, leader in capital, profitability, customers, savings deposits, provincial deposits and international operations. UNIBANK, a commercial bank inaugurated in July 1993, belongs to nearly 391 Haitian shareholders: manufacturers, traders, professionals and investors well known in the community. UNIBANK is a member of a group offering diversified financial services, the National Financial Group (GFN®), operating in the following sectors: - Commercial Bank (UNIBANK) - Business Banking (UNIFINANCE) - Fund Transfer Company (UNITRANSFER) - Micro Credit (MICRO CREDIT NATIONAL) - Credit Card (UNICARTE) - Real Estate Promotion Company (Real Estate SA- IMSA) - Research and Consulting Company (CAPITAL CONSULT) - Investment and Management Company (SOCIÉTÉ NATIONALE D'INVESTISSEMENT - SNI) - Insurance (UNIASSURANCES) UNIBANK and the other companies of the National Financial Group are present throughout the national territory. With 43 branches, UNIBANK has the largest network of bank branches in the country (27 in Port-au-Prince and 16 in 14 provincial towns). Since its inauguration in July 1993, UNIBANK has grown rapidly to become, without merger or acquisition, a Leading Institution in the financial market, ranking first or second in all niche banking services. With assets of US $ 1.160 billion, and over 890,000 depositors, the largest number of clients in the banking sector, UNIBANK is the largest bank in the Haitian banking sector. UNIBANK and the affiliated companies of the National Financial Group (GFN) have 1,737 employees, including 34 in the United States. Its Sister Company in this country, UNITRANSFER USA INC., Plays a holding role and has subsidiaries in several states namely: Florida, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, each licensed by the State's Banking Department. UNITRANSFER is also present in Canada, the Bahamas, the Turks Islands, Jamaica, Aruba, Dominica, the French Antilles and the Dominican Republic, through agreements made with local companies, or through subsidiaries. It offers its remittance services to more than 260,000 Haitians living abroad. The majority of large American and multinational institutions, as well as the main Haitian firms are clients of UNIBANK which also offers its services to non-governmental, European, American and international organizations, embassies, multilateral and bilateral cooperation agencies, etc. Also very present in the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises, UNIBANK is also the bank of choice for several Haitian churches, religious organizations and missions, urban and rural savings and credit unions.

Kingstown Co-operative Credit Union Limited

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St. George Parish
The Kingstown Co-operative Credit Union Ltd was registered on the 12th April 1958 with a share capital of EC $ 253.98 and a membership of fifty three (53) persons. The Pioneers The late Bro. Thomas Saunders after his exposure to Co-operatives in Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago pioneered the Credit Union movement in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. At first he found difficulty in convincing members of the public of the value and benefits of Co-operatives. The reluctance of the populace at the time could be traced in part to the collapse of a Credit Union Consumer Co-operative, which was attempted in the 1940’s. It was not until 1957 when Bro. Saunders spoke with a number of tailors, namely Bros. Jerome Burke Sr, Reynold Rose, Bertram Arthur and Leroy Adams that his message germinated.

Scotiabank Belize

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As Canada’s most international bank, Scotiabank has been operating in Belize since 1968. Today we operate 9 branches across the country and offer a complete range of retail and commercial banking services — including online banking and electronic cash management. Scotiabank opened its first branch in Belize City in December, 1968. Retail banking expanded in the 1970s and 1980s, with the addition of three more branches. Activity in the branches in Belize reflected the economic growth of the country and was heavily centred on the agricultural industry. Business continued to grow during the late 1990s and, by 2008, 9 branches had been established. With 9 branches throughout the country, Scotiabank offers a complete range of retail and commercial banking, including electronic cash management. The Bank has about 187 employees, plus 18 ATMs countrywide. We’re a strong supporter of various community initiatives and our charitable contributions range from sports programmes and education to arts and culture.

St. John's Credit Union Limited

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Belize City
From its humble origins, St. John’s Credit Union has established a long-standing tradition of excellence to become one of the leading financial institutions that it is today. Since 1946, SJCU has served its members by catering to individual needs, giving members opportunities to gain financial security and independence. Our history demonstrates our progressiveness; on-going changes reflect our dynamism and the future will continue to be shaped by our innovative strategies. Immediately after World War II, economic resources in Belize were very limited. Due to this, Credit Unions were formed out of necessity, so people could help each other in a structured way. On November 8, 1946, 10 parishioners of the St. John’s Anglican Church met in a St. John’s Primary School classroom on Albert Street and founded what was initially St. John’s Parish Credit Union Ltd. The first board was formed with the famous Belizean patriot, Edward P. Yorke as President, Miss Enid Mitchell –Treasurer, Mrs. Laura Dunn – Secretary, Mr. Hugh W. Smith and Mr. Harvey Jefferies as Directors. Since then, the Credit Union has maintained its heritage of outstanding leadership. Mr. Leigh Richardson and Mr. Lee Longsworth served as Presidents; in 1953, the Credit Union elected its first female president, Nurse Vivian Seay, MBE. After its formation, St. John’s Parish Credit Union grew steadily and improving its performance and efficiency, always looking for innovative ways to serve our members. With this in mind, a building was constructed in October 1957 on the St. John’s school campus, which is now part of Anglican Cathedral College. This project was initiated by President, Ms. Enid Mitchell. After twenty successful years of existence, based on requests from the community, the membership agreed to welcome members outside of the parish. On June 17, 1978 the credit union was formally re-registered as St. John’s Credit Union Ltd.

BWU Co-operative Credit Union Limited

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BridgetownSt. Michael
Our Objectives To improve the social and economic well being of our members. To provide comprehensive financial services to our members. To develop a stronger sales and services orientation. To maintain and increase member loyalty. Our Values WE CARE has been adopted as the acronym for the Credit Union values: every Credit Union staff member will live by, and demonstrate this, to the Membership. W - Work Ethic E - Efficiency C - Communication A - Accountability R - Responsiveness E - Effectiveness The BWU Co-operative Credit Union Limited understands its members and the need to uplift and elevate every member of the society, regardless of social standing. We vow to deliver superior customer service, to respect and treat every individual with value and purpose and to offer the highest standard of after care service in the Industry. Everything we do is underpinned by our Core Values which are embedded in our Organisation and form the basis of our business planning, recruitment processes, training and leadership development. Our employees proudly provide quality service to our members in a flexible, honest, fair and caring manner; continuously demonstrating our commitment to our members.